Simply Put: Everything we about 'Business Building'

Promo Focus Marketing & Evergreen Advertising provides 'across the board' services to convert suspects into prospects into clients into revenue.

Video Commercials for Network, Cable, Digital

Outsourcing of your Prospecting & Marketing Duties

Give It Away, Baby!

There is NOTHING we cannot source, print your logo & contact data on & make you proud to hand it out. Is a pen just a pen? No, not when you've used a bad one. We don't know the word 'bad' when it comes to swag..

What do you turn on when you wake up, get home or relax at night? Radio? No. Newspaper? No.

We grow your company while you run it.

Let us handle your business building activities, we'll call you in for the 'close'. Can't afford staff, office space, overhead? We handle it all for you without you having to pay salaries, vacations, taxes & benefits..

Think you can't afford to be on TV? Think again. Cable TV puts your message on over 40 networks & you only pay for the right demographics but especially geographic targets you wish to hit. How about less than five bucks for a 30 second commercial? Yep.

Promotional Products (Swag)

Tradeshow Displays

Printed Materials