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Think...duh...that 'print' is dead'?

Yes, those are both (below) links to articles from

the Wall Street Journal.

Yep, just me, sounding off again on how to 'prospect, advertise (wisely) & 'market' your biz. But click here if you're in a hurry otherwise you'll be directed to Promo Focus in 20 secs.

After 79 years in print, Newsweek goes digital only

Oh..and BTW: it was sold for $1 two years ago..yes, a buck and 'debt'.

“There are real neuropsychological changes that occur when you get a gift,

even a ballpoint pen for God's sake.”

Dr. David Korn, Senior Vice-President, Association of American Medical Colleges

as quoted in Business Week.

The impressions consumers have of a company extend well beyond the product or service the firm provides.

Brand image is a mental image that reflects the way a brand is perceived,
including all the identifying elements, the product or company personality,
and the emotions and associations evoked in the consumer’s mind.